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About Natúr Drog

The Natur Drog Company based in Igal, the smallest town in Hungary, what lays between the Zselic and the Somogy Hills. Our activity consists of buying , processing and selling cultivated and wild grown herbs. The Predecessor of the Company is Sándor Vazul Czanyó’s individual proprietorship for 25 years. This 25 year old experience provides a secure background for the operation of the company.

A few words about the Beginnings:

"My interrest in Herbs goes back to my School years, where i've started as a collector. In the Summer Break i've collected Elder,nettle and horseshoes in the nearby forrests. My individual proprietorship was founded 20 years ago. I've took the seats out of my Parent's Trabant, and the herbs which i bought in the nearby villages were drove home by with it. The Trabant was replaced with a Barkas, later with an Ifa. It was a heroic struggle with the products of the socialist vechicle manufacturing. I learned the Herbal profession by myself little by little, sometimes by challenging my own mistakes. After the dismantling of the poorly maintained farm buildings which were serving the site, the small plant which still functions today was built. The plant has drying equipment, storage, and other machines for the processing, and a turnover about 200 - 250 tons, yearly."

- Sándor Czanyó
About the Work:

We serve our partners with high quality Poducts, which are collected by hand. Most of our Products comes from South-Transdanubium, especially from Somogy County located between Balaton and the Drava in Hungary. The soil composition of the area (sand, clay, etc.) and its geographical location - the boundaries of the Mediterranean and the moderate climates - ensures the richness of the variety and the high quality plants. Natúr Drog Co. also Collects ÖKO certified herbs in total of 930 ha.

Natúr Drog Kft.

Product List

Flower | Flos Drug Name Latin Organic Product Conventional Product
Acacia Flower Acacieae Flos Robinina Pseudoacacia
Elderberry - crumbled Sambuci Flos Sambucus Nigra
Yarrow pinch Millefolii Flos Achillea Millefolium
Silver Linden Tiliae Argentea Flos Tilia Argentea
Hawthor Flower Cartagei Herba Cartageus Oxiacantha
Chamomile Chamomillae Flos Matricaria chamomilla L.
Sloe Pruni Spinosae Flos Prunus Spinosa
Sunflower Helianthi Flos Helianthus Annuus
Medical Linden Tiliae Officinalis Flos Tilia Officinalis
Horse Chestnut Hippocastani Flos Aesculus Hippocastanum


Beáta Györe Manager
(+36) 30 464 8899
Sándor Czanyó Consultant
(+36) 30 857 4820
Igal, Szent István u. 146. - Hungary